PARKING AT HERSHEYPARK ARENA:   You will need to go through the parking gates as if you are going into the main parking lot.  The parking attendant booths may be active.  If they are, simply advise the attendant that you are going to Hersheypark Arena for the ice hockey tournament. 

  • Hersheypark Arena:  When arriving at the Hershey Entertainment Complex on Park Blvd, stay in the lanes to enter Hersheypark and Giant Center through the Parking Gates. Follow the entrance lanes around, in front of Giant Center, following the signs to Hersheypark Stadium/Arena/Hersheypark. It will seem as though you are exiting the complex.  The Hersheypark Arena is the tan domed building back behind the Stadium on the right. Parking is available in front of the building. Players should enter through Box Office #4.
HOME/AWAY JERSEYS:  Please be prepared with both a dark and light jersey. The designated Home team on the schedule will wear white (or light) jersey, the designated Away team on the schedule will wear a dark jersey. If your team only has one jersey, please contact the manager/coach of the team you are playing to decide which color they should wear.

PENALTY BOX ATTENDANTS: Each team is required to have a coach/parent in their respective penalty box to assist with opening/closing of the penalty box door, name pronunciation 

ON-SITE CHECK-IN:  There will be a registration table located at each rink.  Please make sure that all players visit the table prior to their 1st game of the tournament to sign-in (only need to do this once).  Managers will need to check-in prior to each game to provide labels for the score sheets.
ROSTER STICKERS:  Please bring “Roster Stickers” for the score sheets – enough for 4, 5 or 6  games depending on your division x 3 stickers per game.  MITES are excluded.

TOURNAMENT APPAREL:  Tournament apparel will be available for sale at each main rink registration table.  Limited sizes and quantities of short sleeved t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts are available so purchase early before they sell out!  Any team that pre-ordered apparel may pick up their order at the rink location of their 1st game on Friday.  Please have ONE representative from the team pick up the order as it will be bagged and labeled by team.  Before leaving the table, please check each for accuracy as we cannot guarantee size replacements one you leave. 
PHOTOGRAPHY:  CARMO Photography will be taking pictures throughout the tournament. They will have tables set-up at Twin Ponds East and Klick Lewis Arena to view and purchase in-game photos on the spot. "TEAM" photo discs are also available for the tournament.  Be sure to check in with the photographers table for your first game!   
GAME TIMES:  Due to the tight tournament schedule, please make sure your team is ready to play 15 minutes prior to their scheduled game time.
HOTELS:  Be sure to keep your players supervised at all times while at the Hotels!  We had an incident at a recent tournament where the Police were called. Any serious hotel incidents in which the police are called will result in tournament sanctions and disqualification from the tournament without refund. Please be respectful to individual hotel policies, hotel staff, and other guests visiting the hotel.

SCHEDULE & SCORES: The online schedule will be updated throughout the entire tournament as games finish. Please bookmark the schedule on your smart phone or computer for easy access. Click here to view a cheat sheet on how to view the schedule and scores. We will have printed brackets hanging at several rinks that will be updated throughout the weekend as well.
RINK ADDRESSES:  Rink Addresses are included below and are GPS friendly

Twin Ponds West Location:   Due to a road realignment several years ago involving Lambs Gap Road, some GPS systems do not accurately direct you to the Twin Ponds West facility at 200 Lambs Gap Road.  Twin Ponds West is on the north side of Route 11 (locally referred to as the “Carlisle Pike”) behind the Infiniti of Mechanicsburg car dealership.  

On behalf of the staff and management of Travel Champs and the Hershey Jr. Bears, we wish you all a happy and safe St. Patrick's Day, safe travels and we look forward to seeing you!
~John, Joe, Matt, Tracey, and Morgan

Secaucus Hockey,
Mar 16, 2016, 9:13 PM